Monday, July 14, 2008

Private Request

I am so excited to inform you my readers that at O'Baby Fashions we are now expanding our buisness and taking Private Request! This new program will include the Haley Halter dress! This Dress will include also Panties to match!

So be sure to visit :
And be sure to click Request Custom Item.

The Eleanor Dress is also included in O'Baby Fashions Private Request.

This fantastic dress can be made with so many options!

The back of the Eleanor dress has criss cross straps, pulling from the front sholder down to the lower waist being finsihed off with the ever so popular cute bows!

Please be informative when you request, so that i can best match your request!

** All dresses will be unique!
***Please allow adequate time for shopping, and creating your perfect dress!
**** For more information on the Private Request new roll out, please check go to my shop page.

Happy Shopping!