Monday, March 22, 2010

A Little more Joy in Life

 This week has been quiet possibly the most eventful week of my life. I gave birth to a wonderful, in my oppion handsom little boy Tuesday at 1:50 in the morning March 16th 2010! I must say my husband, and two year old daughter are both excited beyond belief. 
  Although this here is a business blog I had to share the  exciting news, about the new addition to our family.

 My daughter who you see in the first picture with my husband is enjoying being a big sister. As you can see she wouldn't look at the camera she was occupied with other things.  Spent a few days in the hospital, that was hard on my little girl she was sad to find out mommy had to stay and she was going. So my goal was to get home as soon as I could and that's what I did. I went home Thursday and things have been moving fast. Since returning home we have been adjusting to the new routines of having a new baby around; but i'm happy to say that my family and I are doing well.

Thursday, March 11, 2010

Easter Sale

Easter Sale

  Easter is right around the corner be sure to check out my  Easter  Shop for your baby girls special dress.
 Each dress is made with high quality 100% cotton, and specially decorated with absolutely too cute bows.
Haley Halter



Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Exciting BlogSpot

Today I took time and sat down at the computer and practiced my communication skills; or as I previously called it Step 1 by reaching out to other blogger's.
I read their thoughts, and commented on them. It was quiet exciting to see so many pages that originally looked the same way, but continued to gain personality throughout time. I noticed different themes, and colors. Each one sparked different interests. They all had established one thing that my blog has yet to accomplish: Readers.
2010 Goal on top of many other things is to establish a strong readership.

As for now please stop by my Handmade baby Cloths shop :

O' Baby Fashions

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Step 1 connecting

What does it take to connect with the right customer market?

It takes time, patience, and communication; all things that are valuable in the business world. In the next few months I plan to work hard at finding different communication outlets throughout the web.

Starting with developing O' Baby Fashions Facebook page, too connecting through Twitter, and of course developing a business social blog.
  Time and Patience I know will be the essence to the success of my handmade baby cloths and accessories shop, and I can only hope that you my future customer will return often to check back with me for updates.
 I also ask you to continue to follow me through the process of building a successful business. Every small step will in the end prove to be a milestone step for the future of O' Baby Fashions.