Tuesday, June 30, 2009

I thought I would take today and share my new up and coming designer dress.
This might look familiar to those of you who make and sell the Pillow Case dress.. Because this is what I at O' Baby Fashions consider to be our own replica and personally designed O'Baby Pillow skirt dress. Note the difference the top is quiet similar only in the way of the ribbon that passes through the neck piece. Other then that the arm holes are dropped down more. For those extremely hot days it would allow extra air to flow though to help cool your little one off.
The skirt I feel is what really sets it apart from the other Pillow Cases dresses out there. Notice the flare of the skirt. Much like my other dresses.

I have sold this various sizes and fabric pattern collections as a wholesale opportunity. If you your self are intrested in selling these in your store; then please email me at heidi@obabyfashions.com and I would love to talk with you.

Thursday, June 25, 2009

Today I sit once again, finding myself promoting until my hearts desire! Oh when will they come knocking.
If your reading this and you do see something in my shop that you could sell in your stores Please Please email me, or visit my shop page and convo me. I would love to talk wholesale. I would love to get my merchandise out there from one state to another.
I also would like to get too know you the customer! Let me know what you are looking for are the styles wrong? I stand very much by my little girls dresses!


Haley Halter

forget my little Boys:

Johnny Jumper

My point being... I have all these overly cute cloths all of which i am stating my opp ion! And there going no where.

I'm counting on you my readers to let me know what your thinking? Be honest but Please Be Kind.

Happy Shopping

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Sales Where Are You?

I kept asking myself what I should all this blog post? I circled it around my head a few times wondering if this title would come off bad being that I the owner and sole employee of O'Baby Fashions would be admitting to you and any one else who may read this or keep up with my blog, that sales have been non existent. Yep that means I have yet to see a sale for months and months. I perfer not to say it makes me awfully sad. When I started out on this business venture I wanted to sell my cloths at a price that was fair to you the shopper but then I realize what honestly goes into cutting, sewing, and ironing the too cute for words (in my own opp ion) little baby girl or in some cases boy outfit. Hmm.. I thought I have to get my money out of it plus my time, and a little extra for the O'Baby Company. Well that didn't work I found in these rough economical times people who I considered my audience just could not see spending that much on an outfit. So here I am merchandise in my work room just waiting to find a home on a young child.
What to do? What to do?

So this is what I have come up with I enjoy shopping, and sewing for fabric so much that I have lowered all my prices. I have so many ideas and so little time to do them in. My fall line up is just lirking in my head just waiting to come out.

My great sale for this summer :

Buy 1 Get 2nd for $10.00

Hugh Hugh Deal!