Saturday, June 28, 2008

Where Baby Needs Meets Baby Fashions!

Wow! What a month creating O'Baby Fashions, From opening an email - - , to downloading, uploading, setting prices... Wow! thats all i can say it has been a crazy past month.
We recently just had our first Summer Sale, overall it was success. The customer was actually buying it for a baby shower.. which is always great for prospecting sales!
Anyways, the picture to the right of your screen is my leading line up dress for O'Baby Fashions in fact it was what this business was built apond!

The Eleanor Dress!
This cute Pink Poka Dot with Gingam bottom lining. and panties to match is totally cute! and the best part of this dress is actually not the front...

This Dress is the cutest from the back! With the criss cross back straps being met on both sides with the girly girl bows!

My daughter has one of these.. its the cutest dress on! Its comfrotable, and in needed to be easy on and off (for when those small messes happen)..

The Eleanor Dress Pink Poka Dot
small 13-15 pounds sized to fit 6 months!
original price $34.99

If you are intrested in this wonderful dress then check out my site at
and while your there be sure to check out other fabulous dresses!

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brightonEarly said...

This dress is SO cute! Great job!