Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Check Us Out

Come and see so much going on! New dresses, and New Location! Thats right Etsy was great but I have decided to take that next step in the business world... My own website! So excited about the possbilities that may come with this adventure!


Come sign up! Love something now and want to wait for later? Well if so besure to register with us, and check your email often and I will do the rest!
Coupons, new sales, are happening now. Having or throwing a baby shower? Well if so register the soon to be Mom and she and her guest will get coupons for the invitations. And for that New Mom Coupons and 10% off any purchase she may make for 4 years!~ -Restrictions will apply-

Besure to tell your freind, and your freind's freind!

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