Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Step 1 connecting

What does it take to connect with the right customer market?

It takes time, patience, and communication; all things that are valuable in the business world. In the next few months I plan to work hard at finding different communication outlets throughout the web.

Starting with developing O' Baby Fashions Facebook page, too connecting through Twitter, and of course developing a business social blog.
  Time and Patience I know will be the essence to the success of my handmade baby cloths and accessories shop, and I can only hope that you my future customer will return often to check back with me for updates.
 I also ask you to continue to follow me through the process of building a successful business. Every small step will in the end prove to be a milestone step for the future of O' Baby Fashions.



TheFrogBag said...

Best of luck to you in your venture!

Tammy said...

Just found you through Etsy and wish you the best of luck! Your items are adorable! :)

Anastasia Rinaldi said...

very cute items! :) Just found you on the Ety forums, good luck!