Friday, October 24, 2008

Jack Skeleton Special Order

A close friend of mine came to me and requested a very special order. As her and I talked she mentioned that her daughter Loved Jack Skeleton -the Night Before Christmas-, and that she would love to have a take home outfit for him to come home in. So As her and I talked I started thinking hard about this fantastic opportunity for me to come up with something creative that would not only please her but also look great on her brand new grandson!

I then started going through all my baby patterns that I had; pulling a little from this one and this one, to develop this extremly cute costume.
I soon decided on a pajama pattern with footies; only instead of buttons i oppted for a zipper only because this black pen stripe fabric i was afraid would be too weak for the snap buttons.
For the zacket I decided on just a vest, and I folded down the corner edges and added a sturdy iron on fusible fabric. The coat tales on the back i did the same . The vest jacket would be closed off at the bottom of the V shape, with a single black button.

The black tie I knew would be what was going to pull the entire outfit together.. I decided on using a black sturdy felt, and added a black pom pom ball to the midde, and on the back i sewed on a small clear button. The tie would be then attached through a button hole of a white bib.
The Jack Skelelton project was great from begging to start! I am personally pleased with how it had turned out.

I loved making this great outfit for my close freind from work. And I would love to come up with something special for your soon to arrive Baby Boy, Girl in your family. Please email me at and Lets talk about what you would love to have!

Happy Shopping