Friday, July 3, 2009

To consign or not to consign

To Consignment sell or not to Consignment shop that is the question for the day. I yesterday went to various consignment shops to inquire about selling my dresses; Although I never actually took my merchandise in to show and tell. I first talked with them to see what they had to say. Some were open to conversation others got straight to the point of the dates and what not they are excepting merchandise. The true road block was the merchandise I was trying to sell to them was of the wrong season that they were intrested in. So strike one! Strike two however was the few Consignment shops actually taking homemade baby cloths. That to me was not just two strike but also pretty much covered strike 3 as well.

So here I am thinking wow what kind of market have I gotten myself into?

So if your a Handmade baby cloths designer and sewer and what ever else would be the correct words to describe what we do. Please drop me a line at let me know what you come up with, What info do you have about consignment selling? Let me know. I would love to learn from you. And also if you your self sell Consignment items take a look at my shop if you don't mind let me know what you think!

So as for today I shall go back to doing the one job that truly counts the most being MOM!

Thanks to those who continue to follow my blog.. and hey if you haven't please do add me as a blog to read.

Happy Shopping

Soon to Come
Check back with us for information about our Baby Basics hopeful Order Form I'm still working out the bugs but I do hope to have it rolling out before August, and for more info about Joshua and Audrey please refer to our past Baby Basics Blog.

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