Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Giraffe Costume

My little baby girl's 2 nd Halloween is just days away, and I can remember last year she was just 3 weeks old. This year I am so excited because I have decided to make her costume.

I actually had many ideas of what to make for her; although I loved the giraffe costume idea. I decided on my basic baby sleeper pattern.
For the head piece I used the hat from a jacket pattern, and for the ears, and the antlers (does anyone really know what those things are called?) I used my imagination.

I loved making this absolutly cute costume for my daughter.
****Not to mentione she looks fantastic in her Giraffe costume. ****

Next year at O'Baby Fashions, I do plan on including costumes 09' fall lineup. I would also like for all my readers and shoppers to know that ANYTIME can be costume time!
Please contact me with any of your personal requests.



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yellowfish said...

That costume is absolutely ridiculously cute. Great work!! I love it!